About us


All Business and Technology is a business and industry website currently in South Africa. We share international updates in technology, business, finance, politics and scie-tech. Our team is very enthusiastic about technology and science and helping people to grow in knowledge by giving them information on business ideas, business advice and keeping them up to date with new technology.

To motivate them to keep working. This site has both educational and news features. We do not necessarily categorize as financial advisors. What we offer is collective information from experts and give it in a brief and lucid way. Our website is run by Tech and Business enthusiasts who enjoy learning and studying new information and it is up to us to keep you updated.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to see the world being informed and no longer living in ignorance, tech wise and business wise. Here at A.B.A.T believe that if people receive relevant information they will most likely succeed in whatever they do. We would love to be your intel source in business tech news and industry news. 

Our mission is to present information in a versatile manner and reach many people. We want to keep people informed about information we have handpicked as important. Stay informed about Business-tech news here at All Business and Tech.

Our Policies and Regulations

1. Respect and bullying in the comments

At ABAT we believe in the preservation of human dignity and having a community that is respectful. We understand the risks associated with social security and pressure. That is why we will not tolerate users who abuse others or use hate speech on our platforms. If any hate speech is spotted from your comment, we will ban you for sometime and if you repeat the offence three times we ban you from the page.

Hence we hope all who comment will be respectful. Harsh profanity and swearing unnecessarily is unallowed. We however believe in freedom of expression so we allow people to use profanity as adjectives to words that do not abuse or hurt others. Like using a profane adjective before delicious as compared to using it before ugly while reffering to an actual person.

2.Spam and get banned

We also do not tolerate users who spam around our comment sections or are self-promoting themselves irrelevantly. That will lead to banning and your comments will not be approved. Stay relevant, respectful and more importantly free.

3.Privacy and Data protection

In terms of privacy, our website is running on an SSL encrypted certificates. Which serve as evidence that your data is safe with us. It can never fall into the wrong hands or be lost to hackers. Your data is safe with us so feel free while you’re here. Data protection is a very important issue and we assure you we value this matter as much as you.


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