Angela Atlang full biography (Itseng Motsamai on Muvhango)

Angela Atlang is a Tswana actor from Botswana, she is famous for her new role on the SABC 2 Vhenda based soap opera Muvhango; where she plays Itseng Motsamai.

Angela Atlang
A picture of Angela Atlang

Full name: Angela Atlang
Place of birth: Maun, Botswana
Date of birth: 04 November 1994
Occupation: Actor, Singer-songwriter
Known for: Itseng Motsamai
Education: University of Botswana (Barchelor of Theatre arts)
Nationality: Motswana

Early life of Angela Atlang

Angela Atlang was born on the 4th of November in 1994 and is currently 26 years old as of 2021. She was born in a rural town of Maun in Botswana. Growing up things were tough and sometimes they would use paraffin lamps because of the absence of electricity.

Angela Atlang
Angela Atlang was born in Maun, Botswana

However, Angela comes from a God-loving family and her mother even raised her at a local church for her first 3 months after she was born. This is because her mother felt like staying at church when she was born. So even up to this day, Angela hasn’t lost her faith and remains rooted in Christ. In fact on Instagram she follows a page called Jesus and Muvhango (where she works), those are the only two accounts she follows.

Atlang Angela
A picture of Angela Atlang

After, she finished high school she was pressured to study accounting which is something she wasn’t into. However, after a year of doing accounting, she dropped out and had to spend the rest of the year at home. While at home, she volunteered to be a peer educator, going door to door teaching people how to use a condom. At the end of that year, she embarked on her passion and pursued an acting career. She went on to study for a Barchelors degree in Theatre arts at the University of Botswana.

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Her music and career and playing Itseng Motsamai

Angela is also passionate about music and once wrote a song called Blesser in 2016. However, due to her growing faith in Christ, she says she will start making music that is more inclined towards her faith. Now back to acting. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Theatre arts at the University of Botswana she embarked on getting her act together. A few days ago, it was made official that Angela will be joining the Muvhango family.

Itseng from Muvhango
Angela will be playing the role of Itseng on Muvhango

She is going to be playing the role of Itseng Motsamai, the enstranged wife of James Motsamai. In this role she will be a sex worker, and it’ll only be later when her enstranged husband finds her. According to the Muvhango producer Hebert Hadebe, she is up to square with the role and has proved herself worthy. However, Angela thinks she still has to work a little harder and grow as the competition is high seeing she is alongside actors of wide acclaim.

Does Angela’s sex worker role conflict with her faith

Speaking on the role, Angela said that people judge from a distance and she believes playing this role will shed some light. She believes that all people have story behind their actions.

Angela Atlang is a woman of faith and even offers bible based counseling at church
Angela Atlang is a woman of faith and even offers bible based counseling at church

However, made it clear this isn’t a reflection of who she is. Angela is a woman of faith and even offers bible based counseling at church to people going through hard times.

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