10 Facts you didn’t know about Hlelo from Uzalo’s Nothando Ngcobo

Nothando Ngcobo (born 6 June 1994). Who plays Hlelo on “Uzalo,”. Aside from this role, she has starred in other popular TV series like “Isibaya” and the Daily Sun movie “My 4-5 Just Sleeps.” In this article we will look into 10 facts about the actress. We will use a question form to address them.

1. How old is Nothando Ngcobo?

Nothando Ngcobo was born on the 1st of November 1994. So, she is 28 years old as of 2022. However, her fans had speculated that the actress was somewhere around ages 23-25 and boy were they wrong. But, she does look young so you can see how that misperception could arise.

2. Where exactly was she born? Mpumalanga or KwaZulu-Natal?

She was born and raised in Hammarsdale, Mpumalanga in the KwaZulu-Natal Province in South Africa. It’s important to note that, Mpumalanga is both the name of a province and a small township in KwaZulu-Natal seperately.

A picture of Nothando Ngcobo who plays Hlelo on Uzalo (source: @nothandongcobo)
A picture of Nothando Ngcobo who plays Hlelo on Uzalo (source: @nothandongcobo)

So, while most think there’s a mistake with her birthplace being Mpumalanga in KwaZulu-Natal, there isn’t. Because Mpumalanga is actually a township in KwaZulu-Natal and that’s where Nothando Ngcobo is from.

3. What is her known family and religious background?

Her siblings are unknown and so are her parents. But, she has openly spoken about her mother being fairly supportive of her career buth. Moreover, according to Nothando. She always wanted to become an actress since she was a child. So, in2014 she relocated to Johannesburg to pursue her studies and career. Her religious views are Christianity and she always gives thanks to God whenever she reaches a milestone. So as much that when she landed a role on Uzalo she was grateful to God and to her mother for being supportive.

A picture of Hlelo from Uzalo (source: insta @nothandongcobo)
A picture of Hlelo from Uzalo (source: insta @nothandongcobo)

In a statement she titled Speeeech she said, “Glory be to the most High God and my guides. To my mommy, I love you! From the time I was a little girl you have always encouraged me to go for everything I want. Thank you for taking me to that first audition.”

4. What is Nothando Ngcobo’s Educational background

She received acting training from The Market Theatre in South Africa and completed her course in 2017. However, the indepth details of her studies at the market Theatre remain unknown. But, it’s important to note that Nothando started her acting career during training in theatres. So, when she appeared on TV she had recieved indepth theatrical training. Moreover, it’s important to note that other sources like briefly.co.za show that the actress studied strategic marketing at the University of Johannesburg. However, the exact period in which this was done is unknown.

5. How tall is Nothando Ngcobo

Well, according to numerous sources on the internet. The actress is estimated to be 5’1″ which is around 156cm or 1.56m. A very short yet beautiful stature for her. She herself has not confirmed this height, however, sources seem to have sourced this height from her agency. So, we take it it’s very close to accurate or even, very accurate.

6. Is she married?

Well, for most beautiful TV actresses. This question seems to come up a lot. And for Nothando Ngcobo, the answer is, we simply don’t know yet. We don’t know if she’s in any sort of relationship or if she has any children. She has not revealed anything concerning this information about herself.

7. Was Nothando a Victim of Abuse?

Ngcobo has been a victim of child abuse. So acting as Hlelo who has been abused is not easy since this brings back bad memories of her childhood. But for the sake of the achieving her dream she had to sacrifice and portray Hlelo. In Uzalo, Hlelo represents a broken soul. Who moved from the harsh conditions of the streets to a victim of domestic abuse.

Nothando Ngcobo Didn't have it easy growing up
Nothando Ngcobo Didn’t have it easy growing up

Even though Nothando said she experienced GBV growing up. She has never publicly delved into the details of what really transpired. Neither did she clarify on the nature of the abuse. However, as general as that may have seemed, her storyline reminded her of how really bad it gets out there. Moreover, in recent articles, the actress revealed that unlike her character. She can never stay in an abusive relationship and urged girls to leave.

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8. How did her Television career start

According to Nothando’s biographical sources. She made her debut appearance on television when she appeared as an extra on Mzansi Magic drama, |sibaya and Daily Sun movie, My 4-5 Just Sleeps. And her debut on films when she was featured on a film called The Swallow Falls On in 2017. The film was shoot while she was still doing her theatre training.

9. Does she have any awards?

If you’re wondering how many accolades she got for her brilliance. Well, the answer isn’t none. Her recognition began when she was nominated for the Simon Sabela Awards. Under the category, Best New Comer In Film alongside Xolile Gumede, Zikhona Mkhize and Ayanda Ngoma.

Hlelo from Uzalo has won an award for her other TV roles over the years
Hlelo from Uzalo has won an award for her other TV roles over the years

In 2021 she landed her first lead role on a film called One Time Pin by KZN films and Inbox images. She later won the Best Actress In A TV Movie Award at Rustenburg Film. Her only current award to date.

10. Festival in November 2021.

Again in 2021 she landed two television roles. She landed a role of acting as Prudence Thabethe on Lingashoni season 1 by Stained Glass TV which airs on DSTV’s 1Magic. And she also portrays Hlelo on Uzalo: Blood Is Forever which airs on SABC 1 Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM. She made her debut appearance as Hlelolwenkosi Khawula on Uzalo season 7 on the 20th of August 2021. ‘ Hlelo Khawula is a wounded girl who has traversed challenges that has given her a thick skin. Nothando has also been doing movies that will be playing at The Silicon Valley African Film Festival in California, USA.