A Biography of Mmarona Motshegoa: What we know so far

Mmarona Motshegoa (born 29 September 1987) is South African actress, television presenter and entrepreneur. She is best known as Tumi on the SABC1 soccer drama series Zone 14. However, more recently she may be known as Buhle from Muvhango or Keke from Rhythm City. So stay eyes on as we detail her life and endeavors.

Full biography: Mmarona Motshegoa

A picture of Mmarona Motshegoa from her Instagram account
A picture of Mmarona Motshegoa from her Instagram account @mmarona_matshegoa

Name: Mmarona Motshegoa
Date of birth: 29 September 1987 (35 years)
From: Soweto in Gauteng
Education: Unknown
Occupation: Actress, Television presenter and Entrepreneur
Known for: Buhle on Muvhango, Keke Sticks on Rhythm City, Maipelo Maake on the Queen
Net worth: Unknown
Height: 1.62-1.64 (estimate)
Nationality: South African

The Early life of Mmarona Motshegoa

Mmarona Motshegoa was raised and born in Soweto in Gauteng, South Africa, a very busy place in Johannesburg. Mmarona was born on the 29th of September 1987 which means she is 35 years old as of 2022. As for her childhood or family.

That remains unknown to the public. So, we don’t know anything about her mother or siblings. However, if such information was to be disclosed of. We will update you so subscribe to our newsletter to see the latest updates on your favorite topics.

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Personal life

When she married senior processing engineer Leslie Goitseone Kgwele, Mmarona Motshegoa was known as Mmarona Kgwele. According to a relative, the couple filed for divorce in 2018 and had been sleeping separately in the same house since then.

Mmarona and her stylist friend Praise at an unknown venue
Mmarona and her stylist friend Praise at an unknown venue

Motshegoa has proposed full custody of the couple’s only child, and Leslie appears to be in agreement. While there are no other known children after divorce. Mmarona can be seen with another man on her Instagram as of late. And peeps seem to think that she has found love elsewhere. This is because in one post she captioned “my person”, she can be seen with him at a private event.

However, after further research, it turns out that the man is a famous and talented stylist named praise. Whom she refers to as her closest friend. And by the look of things sources say, the man is either gay, or just queer by looking at his content. Note that this isn’t an oversimplification of his character. But a thorough analysis of the content he puts out and his captions and the consistency therein. However, he may be totally straight but he isn’t masculine and is hyperly feminine.

Mmarona may still be single by the look of things
Mmarona may still be single by the look of things

But his sexuality isn’t publicly denoted, so all this is purely analytical speculation. And since thus article wasn’t about him. Not much research was done other than a thorough look through his social media. But one thing is for sure. He and Mmarona Motshegoa aren’t dating. They’re just very close friends.


When it comes to her education. Truth is not much is known. However, records show that she was once elected as the first black Mini Mayoress of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Mini City Council in 2001. And she later became Head Girl of her primary school. Couple of years later she also became a head girl in High school. So, leadership is kinda her thing don’t you think?

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If you’re trying to reach her. She’s most active on instagram and her handle is @mmarona_motshegoa. However, as she gets probably hundreds if not thousands of unsolicited and probably even inappropriate massages daily. She might never reply to you. But you can follow her and see what she’s up to.


While her actual height remains unknown. An all around estimate puts her around 1.6m or 1.62m at best with a standard deviation of 4cm. So, so she’s around those mentioned heights. But these aren’t her actual heights. They may be 100% accurate but they’re not 20 inaccurate. Probably 80% plus closer to the actual height due to the calculation methodology.

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Career journey

She hosted five shows on DStv’s Channel O music channel (when she was simply known as Minx): The 411, Oboma, Amplified, Oboma Xpress, and O News. On Channel O Radio, she also honed her radio broadcasting skills.

A picture of Mmarona Motshegoa while on set
A picture of Mmarona Motshegoa while on set

In 2012, she appeared as Paulina (aka Banshee), a Goth who falls in love with MJ Memela, in a highly controversial guest recurring role on the SABC1 soapie Generations. Moreover, she had a starring role in the SABC1 police drama series Task Force in 2014. The same year, she starred in the SABC1 drama series Sticks and Stones. Moreover, she also began playing the recurring role of Buhle on the SABC2 soapie Muvhango in 2018, making her first appearance on April 4, 2018.

Other appearances

In other appearances she can bee seen in the film “Losing Lerato” as “Little Kgomotso’s Mom.” Mmarona Motshegoa played ‘Naledi Kgakgudi’ in “Vutha,” a new medical drama on SABC 2. Moreover, she joined a cast that included Boikie Pholo, Dumisani Mbebe, and Sipho Mbele.

A picture of her at an acting set where she had to play a sad role
A picture of her at an acting set where she had to play a sad role

Moreover, Mmaroma Motshegoa has landed a new acting gig. Furthermore, the young actress has joined the cast of Family Secrets. A new SABC 1 show. Veteran actors such as Nimrod Nkosi, Jamie Bartlett, Vusi Kunene, Cedric Fourie, and Mampho Brescia appeared in the series’ first season. So, she was sorrounded by greatness and decades of experience.

Other ventures

Mmarona is also the founder and youth mentor of Itshepeng Youth Mentoring and Projects, a mentoring organization dedicated to inspiring and guiding. The initiative targets teenagers and young adults to become the best citizens they can be. She is very passionate about this and can be seen participating in such on her Instagram page.

Other Television roles

These are her summarized TV credits from the beginning of her career to date:

aYeYe — Season 2 as Social Worker
Family Secrets — Season 2 as Sheba
Generations — Season 1 as Paulina
Muvhango — Season 1 as Buhle
Mzansi Love — Season 3 (Big City Love) as Tshidi
Rhythm City – Season 1 as Keke Sticks and Stones — Season 1 as Mbali Task Force — Season 1 as Sandy
The Queen — Season 5 as Maipelo Maake
The River — Season 2 as Precious
Vutha — Season 1 as Naledi Kgakgudi