Biography: The real story behind actress Ntokozo Mzulwini

Ntokozo Mzulwini (born 19 January 1992) is a South African born Actress, Singer, Writer and Dancer. Mzulwini is famous for playing Lindiwe on Imbewu the seed. As well as Dr. Buhle Nyoni on Durban Gen. However, some may recognize her from Ehostela as Nobesuthu on SABC3.

Full biography: Ntokozo Mzulwini

Ntokozo Mzulwini is a South African actress who plays Lindiwe
Ntokozo Mzulwini is a South African actress who plays Lindiwe

Full name: Ntokozo ‘Goldivah’ Mzulwini
Date of birth: 19 January 1992 (30 years old)
Place of birth: Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Education: Durban University Of Technology
Occupation: Actress, Dancer, Singer and Writer
Known for: Lindiwe on Imbewu, Dr. Buhle Nyoni on Durban Gen, Nobesuthu on The Ehostela
Spouse: Unknown
Children: 1
Height: 1.52m
Net worth: $150 000
Instagram: Goldivah1
Twitter: @goldivah
Nationality: South African

Early life

Ntokozo Mzulwini was born on the 19th of January 1992 in Durban KwaZulu Natal. Those close to her call her by her nickname as Goldiva. However, little is known of her childhood.

Ntokozo Mzulwini is known by her nickname as Goldiva
Ntokozo Mzulwini is known by her nickname as Goldiva

We don’t know if she has any siblings or if her parents still live if she has any. Furthermore,  we don’t know much about how she grew up and what inspired her to act. Her childhood is literally a Ghost town.


In terms of schooling, she attended Durban University of Technology where she obtained her degree in Drama and Dramatics or Theatre Art in General in 2009. She is well known as Lindiwe from Imbewu.

So, before you think she’s an empty headed slay queen like on Imbewu. Think twice because she is educated. And, not an empty headed gold digger who uses her body for profit. As most might assume.

Personal life of Ntokozo Mzulwini

Ntokozo Mzulwini has one child according to numerous sources. However, there is no evidence suggesting that she is married.

Ntokozo and her Co stars, including to the far right Nqobile Ndlovu
Ntokozo and her Co stars, including to the far right Nqobile Ndlovu

Moreover, the child’s name or date of birth are kept secret. And so is the identity of the father. What we do know is that the child is still quite young. So, in conclusion,  Mzulwini has kept her private personal life private. Probably for good reasons.

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While the exact number is unknown. Estimates from those in the industry claim she is 1.52m tall. Which is fairly short. However, she doesn’t look bad at all as social media is going insane with her looks. So, if you’re wondering how tall Ntokozo Mzulwini is, she is somewhere between 152cm and 154cm.

Is Ntokozo Mzulwini a model?

Some may ask if Lindiwe from Imbewu is model looking at her body. Regardless of Ntokozo Mzulwini’s body being voluptuous and attractive. She is not a model, not only is her height not well suited for modeling. But she herself has never revealed any details concerning modeling. However, Ntokozo does enjoy exercising quite a lot as can be seen on her Instagram.

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Net worth

So, how much is she worth? Well, the exact amount is unknown. However, it is known that Ntokozo drives a Ford Ranger. Which is valued at a price of R500 000. So, if you add that with the rest of her potential assets you get an estimate of above R1 milion.

Ntokozo Mzulwini Career

She joined acting on the Telenovela Imbewu in July 2018. In the drama series she potrayed a character as Lindiwe Msweli. Lindiwe is an Waitress at Emsamo, working with other waitress like Popie, ThuSheleni, Nomsa and Lindo as the manager at Emsamo.

Lindiwe from Imbewu played Ntokozo Mzulwini
Lindiwe from Imbewu played Ntokozo Mzulwini

As a waitress she was also a influencer and get involved in some drama with baby daddy. The baby daddy was involved in a relationship with another which caused Lindiwe to be Jealous. She was once involved in a relationship with another woman called Nokhukhanya but the relationship ended.

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Moreover, she has recently appeared in other shows. Including Durban Gen as Dr. Buhle Nyoni and Nobesuthu on SABC3’s The Ehostela . So, it would be fair to say her career is looking quite bright. Moreover, aside from acting, Ntokozo is also a singer. At least that’s what her Instagram says. Hope you enjoyed this read. Visit often for such content.

How to Reach her?

You can reach out to Lindiwe from Imbewu via Instagram @Goldivah1 or follow her on twitter @goldivah. But take not that unsolicited massages might not get replies so it’s better to just admire from a distance.