In picture: 6 Things to know about Nolwazi Shange, Mbali From Scandal!

Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni born on 19 January 1984 (age-38 years old) is a South African actress. Best known for her role of Precious in A Place Called Home. And more recently for playing Mbali on etv’s Scandal! In this article we will look at 10 things you didn’t know about Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni. So, read till the end, this will be a quick read.

1. Early age of Nokuthwala Shange Ngubeni

She was born on the 19 of January 1984 in Durban at KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa. Nolwazi grew up in Pinetown, then relocated to Claremont, a Southern Suburb of Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa.

A picture of Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni and her 2 children. One in 10th grade and the younger in Grade R.
A picture of Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni and her 2 children. One in 10th grade and the younger in Grade R.

And as of 2022, the actress Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni is 38 years Old. According to her Instagram account she has a sister and one post she shared a picture of them and their father. However, that’s as far as we know about her family.

2. She came from Musical Household

You may be wondering where Nolwazi got her artistic taste. Well, you’d be happy to know that she was raised in a musical household.

A picture of Nolwazi Shane's father (source insta @nolwazingubeni)
A picture of Nolwazi Shane’s father (source insta @nolwazingubeni)

Moreover, her grandmother is a director of a church choir group, and her aunts and uncles were also part of the choir group. So, it was only natural for her to join the group. During her teenage days. She was an athlete at Pinetown Senior Primary School, and she was involved in sports, singing and theater performances.

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3. Where do Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni get her Education

According to sources, Nolwazi Shange attended the Pinetown Senior Primary School. However, there’s little information available regarding her secondary education.

Nolwazi's Her tertiary education university is unknown
Nolwazi’s Her tertiary education university is unknown

She studied theater arts and has a degree in marketing and communication. Furthermore, the University that she attended remains unknown to date.

4. Career of Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni

She is much more recognized as Precious in the season 2 of the SABC1 drama series A Place Called Home (2008-2009). Moreover, she landed another role that many television viewers seem to refer to. Nolwazi Shange was cast as Zinhle (a guest-starring role) in season 3 of the SABC1 drama series The character is in a family crisis as she is accused of having a hand in the death of her mother. Her older siblings (sisters) led the accusation.

Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni who plays Mbali on Scandal!
Nolwazi Shange Ngubeni who plays Mbali on Scandal!

In 2013, Nolwazi Shange landed another role in the SABC1 sitcom titled Single Guys. She was cast in the recurring role of Kwezi in the sitcom. Another notable appearance she made onscreen is in the soap opera Zabalaza. In pursuit of other projects, the celebrated actress left the show and Nonhle Thema continued playing the role. She is currently portraying the role of Mbali on Scandal.

5. She’s married to an actor

Nolwazi is married to Umlilo actor Mzwandile Ngubeni and were blessed with two children. The two met in 2010 through work and got married in 2016 in a traditional wedding in Durban. According to News24 the wedding was attended by celebrities such as Samkelo Ndlovu, Akhumzi Jezile, Jessica Nkosi, Khaya Mthethwa, and many more others. Nolwazi loves education and is a multiversed media professional. She believes that as human being you must protect your peace.

6. She enjoys playing the role of Mbali on Scandal!

While most people hate to love and love to hate Nolwazi’s character Mbali on Scandal? She actually loves it. And on her Instagram, the actress put it out that she was enjoying.

Mbali from Scandal etv
Mbali from Scandal etv

Saying “Does it show that I’m having fun playing the role of Mbali, the best time I’ve ever heard” (this is a paraphrased quotation. And a lot of people were showing their love for the role.