Mishka Gounden bio, age, height, Scandals, Imbewu and salary

Mishka Gounden (born 08 March 1994) is a South African actress, Radio DJ, Dancer, Choreographer and Singer. She is well known for playing Mira Rampersad on Imbewu the seed and for Keeping Up with the Kandasamys (2017).

However, her reputation isn’t all that pure, she was involved in a Scandal with her former co-worker at LOTUS FM. When she accused him of leaking her private pictures and home made sex videos. In this article we will look into her life, career and controversies.

Biography profile: Mishka Gounden

A picture of Mishka Gounden (source: Instagram @mishkamickeymouse)
A picture of Mishka Gounden (source: Instagram @mishkamickeymouse)

Name: Mishka Gounden
Date of birth: 08 March 1994 (28 years old)
Place of birth: Durban, KwaZulu Natal
Education: Thomas Moore College
Alma mater: AFDA (BA in Live performance)
Occupation: Actress, Radio DJ, Dancer, Choreographer, Medical assistant and Singer
Known as: Mira from etv’s Imbewu the seed
Instagram: @Mishkamickeymouse
Height: 155cm to 157cm
Net worth: $150 000
Nationality: South African

Early Life

Mishka Gounden was born on the 8th of March 1994. Moreover, she was born, in Durban in KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa. And, Gounden attended the Thomas Moore College which is in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. However, her early life is unknown.

A picture of Mishka Gounden and her father on his birthday
A picture of Mishka Gounden and her father on his birthday

So, not much is exactly known of how she grew up. Her mother’s involvement in her life seems to be a very supportive one. However, there’s not much from her bio that speaks on how she grew up and her siblings if she has any.


Mishka attended the AFDA school of acting. And, graduated with a degree in Live performance. Thereafter, a post graduate BA in Live Performance. Moreover, from 2017, the young actress started studying to be Medical Assistant. And had recently shown that she is now working as a medical assistant. So, when you don’t see her on Imbewu, she’s probably working as a medical assistant in Durban.

Personal life

Her private life as of 2022 is currently unknown. However, she has been involved in some Scandals from 2017. In which most of her life has been exposed. The actress was rumored to be having an affair with one of her co-workers at Lotus FM during her time there. According to sources, she had a crush on the man.

The man was a father of two and was at least 20 years older or 17 years older than her. Aside from this, Gounden is also passionate about medical health and as afore mentioned is also a medical assistant. She’s also into traveling and has revealed that she once visited Mumbai in India.


Her actually height is unknown. However, some graphical analysis seem to suggest that she is about 1.55m or 1.57m. This is only an estimate of her height, there’s no conclusive data on her.

Net worth

According to estimates. She is estimated to be at a net worth of around $150 000. Of which when converted to Rands should be around R2.3 million. She is hypothesized to have amassed this wealth in her career of acting, choreography, singing, dancing and more.

Acting career of Gounden

While most know her as an actress. Mishka didn’t start off as an actor but as a Radio personality or DJ. Firstly on an online station Megazone Bollywood. Thereafter, also as an on-air traffic reporter on the afternoon drive show at SA’s biggest Indian station, Lotus FM radio. However, she was later fired for causing disrepute at the SABC station. As a result of her leaked videos’ controversy.

A picture of Mira Rampersard from Inbewu
A picture of Mira Rampersard from Inbewu

Gounden’s career as an actress began with her role on Keeping Up with the Kandasamys in 2017. Moreover, she is an upcoming telenovela star who has made her debut on Imbewu: the seed.

On Imbewu, Mishka Gounden plays a recurring role of Mira Rampersad, the second daughter of Nerupa ( played by Jailoshini Naidoo) and Pranav Rampersad ( played by Koobeshan Naidoo). She plays alongside Kaylin Subramanian (portraying Thu Sheleni) and Brightness Zulu.

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Controversy of Mishka’s leaked private videos

In June 2018, found herself in deep water after he leaked videos were allegedly leaked by her boyfriend Fahim Jamadar. According to Gounden, she the videos only to Fahim of whom sources say she was romantically involved with. Although she denied ever being in a romantic relationship with Fahim. The actress almost committed, suicide and cut her wrists but her mom was there.

According to Gounden, she withdrew the charges for personal reasons
According to Gounden, she withdrew the charges for personal reasons

Which made the case very hard to understand since it would be hard to establish why she sent the videos. After the allegations, the father of two Fahim also fired back saying Gounden was conspiring against him. He said that she was confused and was helping a friend who had just gotten fired and was to be replaced by Fahim.

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Gounden went to drop her charges after she had accused the radio Jockey at Lotus FM of assaulting and harrasing her.[1] The host argued it was impossible since he last saw her in 2016 and got calls in late 2017 saying he had recently harassed Gounden. All charges were dropped and Gounden said she dropped them for personal reasons saying the support she got was all she needed. You’d agree with me that that’s a load of controversy.

Social media

Mishka Gounden is on Instagram and Facebook. Both under her actual names. However, for bookings, we don’t yet have her information on that. Her specific Instagram username is @Mishkamickeymouse.