Nombulelo Mhlongo age, height, salary, playing Sne on Durban Gen and more

Nombulelo Mhlongo (born 9 May 1992) is a South African actress, writer and teacher. Best known for playing Sne on Durban Gen on etv. Her very sensitive role moved South Africa to tears when she played the role of a GBV victim. A very sensitive topic in South Africa.

Full biography: Nombulelo Mhlongo

A picture of Actress Nombulelo Mhlongo
A picture of Actress Nombulelo Mhlongo

Name: Nombulelo Mhlongo
Born: 9 May 1992
From: Pongolo, KwaZulu Natal,South Africa
Education: Dramatic Arts (Los Angeles)
Occupation: Actress, Writer and Teacher
Known as: Sne from Durban Gen
Height: 1.65m
Siblings: Nosipho Mbali Mhlongo (sister) and Ayanda Mhlongo (brother)
Net worth: $60k-$70k (tentative est)
Salary: R35K to R45k
Nationality: South African

Early Life

Nombulelo Mhiongo was born on the 9th of May 1992 and she came from Pongolo in KwaZulu Natal. Her very early life is unknown to the public.

A picture of Sne from Durban Gen and her portrait painter in the far right holding her portrait.
A picture of Sne from Durban Gen and her portrait painter in the far right holding her portrait.

However, it is publicly know that the actress has 2 other siblings. Namely, Nosipho and Ayanda Mhlongo. Whose personal lives we will not venture into and keep private.


Nombulelo studied abroad in Los Angeles. She went to study there in 2010. Theteafter, she obtained her qualifications in Dramatic Arts. She then created a learning space called Pan African Space Arts. Where she teaches youngsters to read, write and act.

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Personal life of Nombulelo Mhlongo

There is no information about her husband or her being married. She has a daughter whom she always posts on her Instagram. However, the child’s father is unknown and the state of the relationship Mhlongo is in with her baby daddy. This is all that’s known of her personal life as of current.


According to our estimates. The actress has a height of around 1.65m. However, other comparisons suggest a slightly lower figure of 1.63m or 1.62m.

A picture Sne from Durban from her Instagram @therealnombulelomhlongo
A picture Sne from Durban from her Instagram @therealnombulelomhlongo

But, this was the most reasonable avarage we could agree on for now. However, when a more conclusive figure is available, we will update this section.

Net worth and salary

As of 2022, her net worth is estimated to be around $60 000– $70 000. Which converts to R1.02 million to R1.19 million with présent day rates. Moreover, her annual salary is expected to exceed R450 000, which means she probably gets a salary around R35K to R45k.

How Nombulelo Mhlongo began her acting career

She began acting on “Nothing but the Truth’ a book written by John Kani. Where she played the role of Mandisa. Her first appearance on Tv was on Skeem Saam as Cassandra. Moreover, she acted on Ifalakhe and Uzalo. On the drama series of Uzalo she was acting as Kehla’s mother ‘Nomcebo. Since her appearance on Uzalo she got more followers from 30K followers to 200K followers at present.

Her role on etv’s Durban Gen

Right now, she is currently well known as Sne on Durban Gen. Nurse Sne Mtshali is a slay queen on the Durban Gen medical show. Her character is always taking photos and videos to upload on social media. Not only does she love men with money. She is also not afraid to show her interest. Although she is a play girl, she gets lucky and meets someone who want to marry her.

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The GBV storyline and the aftermath

She met Dr Dhlomo (played by Nyaniso Dzedze) on Durban Gen found a wife in Sne and he is ready to take her home. However, the relationship turns sour really quickly when Dlomo becomes abusive and beats her to pulp very often. This narrative was very sensitive and a lot of people confessed to crying over the storyline.

Nyaniso Dzedze (left) and Nombulelo Mhlongo who played Sne on Durban
Nyaniso Dzedze (left) and Nombulelo Mhlongo who played Sne on Durban

That’s because, gender based violence is a very sensitive topic on the South African screens. In fact, some fans wanted to beat the actor Nyaniso for playing the abuser. However, in response to the storyline. Nyaniso said that the storyline was actually difficult for him to go through with since his own mother suffered the same fate. So, playing the role was like reliving that trauma for him.

Nombulelo Mhlongo on Social media

Her actual agency is unknown. That’s if she has any. So, lf you want to get in touch and stay updated about her life. You can follow her on Instagram under the username @therealnombulelomhlongo.