Tokollo TK Sebothoma full biography, career and personal life

Tokollo TK Sebothoma born 24 May 1996(26 years old) is a South African actor. Popular for being cast on The Queen. In the Mzansi Magic series, the actor played the recurring role of Jomo. And more recently he plays Simon Ndlovu on Isono. Which airs on etv.

Biography profile: Tokollo Sebothoma

A picture of Tokollo TK Sebothoma who plays Simon Ndlovu on Isono
A picture of Tokollo TK Sebothoma who plays Simon Ndlovu on Isono

Full name : Tokollo Sebothoma
Popular name: TK Sebothoma
Date of birth : 24 May 1996
Place of birth : Mamelodi,Pretoria, Gauteng province
Occupation : Actor
Height: 1.67m
Known for: Jomo from the Queen
Nationality : South African

Early life of Tokollo Sebothoma

Tokollo was born on the 24th of May 1996 in Mamelodi, Pretoria, Gauteng province in South Africa. However, not much is known of his childhood and upbringing. Sebothoma played notable roles in making him the person he is today. They were of big support to him and also stood by him. He had his primary and secondary school education. Thereafter he went on to tertiary.

Education of Tokollo TK Sebothoma

As a school student, Tokollo enjoyed playing sports, particularly basketball. He never thought he could act till one of his teachers invited him to join the drama club. However, when he performed with his schoolmates and got round applause, he take up drama lessons. After matric, his teacher advised him to join AFDA. Where he eventually graduated with a BA Degree in Live Performance in 2016.

Acting Career

His first debut acting role in television was as Zolani in the fifth season of the MTV Base drama series MTV Shuga 2017. He reprised the role for Season 7, in 2019. Also in 2017, he landed the recurring role of Jomo on the Mzansi Magic soapie The Queen. Making his first appearance in Season 2, Episode 21. He returned to the role for the third season.

A picture of actor TK Sebothoma (source: Instagram @bathongtk)
A picture of actor TK Sebothoma (source: Instagram @bathongtk)

The following year he landed another recurring role in a Ferguson Films soapie. This time as the character Happy in The River. TK next had a recurring role as Thabo in the Mzansi Magic soapie Isithembiso. Making his first appearance in Season 2, Episode 159 on 8 November 2018. He landed his first starring role as Tebza in television. In the  Mzansi Magic drama series Impilo. Which debuted on the 6th July, 2019.

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Personal life of Tokollo Sebothoma

Tokollo ‘TK’ Sebothoma is currently single. With no single hint of who his girlfriend is or who he could be dating. This is most likely done intentionally by him to avoid any kind of Scandal. The actor Sebothoma is a decent young man. Who has managed to stay away from relationship dramas.

The role of Tk Sebothoma on Isono

In Isono, Tokollo Sebothoma portrays the character of Simon Ndlovu. Simon is the daughter of Mary Ndlovu (Nthati Moshesh). A powerful matriarch who will stop at nothing to accomplish whatever she deems necessary.

Simon Ndlovu from BET's Isono
Simon Ndlovu from BET’s Isono

He also has Gabriel (Bohang Moeko) and Esther ( Didintle Khuniu) as his siblings. Simon is the idealistic son who serves as his mother’s right-hand man and would stop at nothing to please his mother. He was born with musical and technical talents but neglected them to follow his mother.

Social Media

Sebothoma is not a massive fan of social media. He is primarily active on Twitter, where he has 8k followers and follows 200 users. On Instagram, TK Sebotboma uses the handle @batbongtk and currently has 5.2k followers. He is no longer active on Facebook.


. Tebza in Impilo: The Scam
. Thabo and KB in Isithembiso
. Simon Ndlovu in Isono: The Sin
. Zolani in MTV Shuga
. Jomo in The Queen
. Young Dog in The Republic
. Happy in The River