Zenzo Ngqobe biography, Marriege controversy and getting fired and more

Actor Zenzo Ngqobe, 38, was born on September 8, 1983, in Mafikeng, South Africa. His most well-known role is that of Stone Khuse in the television serial opera Rhythm City.

In addition to appearing in the films Tsotsi from 2005 and Blood Diamond from 2006, he also made appearances in the TV medical dramas Jozi-H and Hillside.

Biography summary: Zenzo Ngqobe

A picture of Zenzo Ngqobe who played Stone on Rhythm City
A picture of Zenzo Ngqobe who played Stone on Rhythm City

Full name: Zenzo Ngqobe
Gender: Male
Born: September 8, 1983 (age- 38), Mafikeng, North West Province
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Actor
TV Shows: Rhythm City
Movies: Tsotsi, Blood Diamond
Height: 1.73m (173cm)
Languages: Setswana, Northern and Southern Sotho, English

1. Early life of Zenzo Ngqobe

He was raised in Mafikeng, in South Africa’s North West Province. On September 8th, he had a birthday celebration. Zenzo grew up envisioning himself as a pilot, one day taking to the skies. But when he entered the performing business, everything was different.

2. Zenzo Ngqobe’s education

Zenzo attended school in Mafikeng for his basic and secondary studies. He studied at Mahikeng’s Kebalepile High School in South Africa’s North West Province. He most likely received formal training in the arts in order to launch his acting career. Other sources claim that Zenzo attended a bad high school, but he would not elaborate.

3. How he was discovered

Image of Zenzo Ngqobe known as Stone from Rhythm City. He plays Sefako from Legacy and Percy from The River. His initial performance as Butcher in Gavin Hood’s 2005 Oscar-winning film Tsotsi served as the catalyst for the start of his career.

An image of Zenzo Ngqobe
An image of Zenzo Ngqobe

After being found by the film’s producers while performing on stage with Presley, he was given the part in Tsotsi (Chweneyagae). He made an appearance in Blood Diamond in 2006 as a rebel. which featured prominent actors like Djimon Hounsou, Jennifer Connelly, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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4. Rhythm City and getting fired

In 2007 he landed a role in etv’s musical drama series and soapie Rhythm City as Stone Khuse. He was the first born son of the Khuse family. Who was a homosexual. In April 2012 he was fired from Rhythm City, reportedly for being unreliable. Then in 2013 he took over the role of Cyril from Gideon Lovinga in the SABC2 sitcom Ga Re Dumele. Replacing him after the first five episodes of Season 3 and for Season 4.

5. The actor is a big theatre devotee

Zenzo usually disappears from television and people wonder where he is. The star will be acting in stage plays in theatres.  He also appeared in the stage productions of Township Stories and Cards, among others. His other dramas and movies include Legacy, The River, Imposter, The Forgotten Kingdom and Mandela Long Walk to Freedom.

6. Personal life and relationships

Zenzo dated Nokuthula Ledwaba, a fellow performer who played his sister Tsidi Khuse in Rhythm City. The cast and crew were pleased for them when they got married in 2008. However, their marriage faltered in 2012, and they got a divorce. Zenzo was negatively impacted by their breakup since he became too stressed to report to work at Rhythm City.

An image of Zenzo Ngqobe
An image of Zenzo Ngqobe

Because of his dependability issues, the production team decided to terminate him as a result. Zenzo remarried after that first marriage ended in divorce, but ever since then, he has kept his personal affairs private.

7. Personal opinions and ambitions

According to tvsa, Zenzo would like Denzel Washington to depict him if a movie was to be made about him. One of the most expensive things he has ever bought for himself is the timberland boots. His favourite dish is mala le mogodu (cow intestines) and samp. His greatest passion is his work.

8.Social media life

Zenzo is on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Twitter. His social media following is still small but he posts as frequently to updates his followers and fans. In addition to his works, Zenzo founded and chaired Zenzo Ngqobe foundation. Which raises awareness against gender based Violence against women and children.