Bohang Moeko on how he got into acting and some advice for novices

Most people might know Bohang Moeko from his various TV roles. Including etv’s Scandal as the gay boyfriend to Chumani, or as Gabriel on Isono. But, the actor’s career didn’t really start there. He came along way to get to where he is. And, in this article we will look at a brief time-line of his career.

Who exactly is Bohang Moeko?

It would seem preposterous at first to ask who Bohang Moeko. But in reality, the actor has an interesting life behind him. Firstly, the actor was born in Johannesburg on the 13th of April 1988. Making him 34 years as of 2022. The actor recently got married to his long time girlfriend Shantal Dietrich whom he met in 2018.

A picture of Bohang Moeko and his wife Shantal Moeko
A picture of Bohang Moeko and his wife Shantal Moeko

She’s a fitness coach and the two started dating in 2018, got enanged in 2020 and then later got married in 2021. They just celebrated their 1st year anniversary early this year on the 26th of March 2022.

Did Bohang Moeko go to acting school?

Well, the answer is no. While the actor did get some acting classes, he didn’t really go to acting school for it or study acting in varsity. In fact, in varsity which he attended in Free state. He studied Quantity surveying and property development.

Bohang Moeko has no acting degree whatsoever but reckons if he had one it would've been easier
Bohang Moeko has no acting degree whatsoever but reckons if he had one it would’ve been easier

The career was also related to construction, an area of specialty for his father. When speaking on his varsity choice, Moeko said that his parents had a bigger role to play in that. Arguing that perhaps its the black thing to do considering how hard it was for “them” to get tertiary education.

How did Bohang Moeko get into acting?

The real story of how Bohang Moeko got into acting is a bit fantastical to be honest. He applied to numerous agencies after his research on how to get into the acting business. Of which all of them said they were fully booked. At this point Bohang Moeko had already worked at least 2 years in Durban and had temporarily moved to Johannesburg to pursue his acting dream.

Bohang Moeko urges all aspiring dreamers to risk it
Bohang Moeko urges all aspiring dreamers to risk it

And after all that disappointment, Bohang Moeko was already leaving Johannesburg to Durban when he got a call. It was the owner of the famous Moon Lay Agency or MLSA. And she wanted to interview him. However, it took a while before he could get his first official role which was in Mzabalaza. After that he got a role in Ring of lies and that’s how things took off for him.

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What advice does he have for aspiring actors?

When talking about his journey. The seasoned actor said that he wouldn’t change a thing and would make the exact “same decisions” as he did. He furthermore encouraged aspiring actors and actresses to pursue their dreams “no matter how risky”. Moreover, the actor cautioned against financial problems around acting, saying that it was easy to find yourself unemployed.

Gabriel from Isono which airs on etv
Gabriel from Isono which airs on etv

This is because the acting industry is more of a gig economy and after a gig is over, you are unemployed. And in Bohang’s case he had to spend 6 months unemployed between the seasonal gaps of two shows he was in. And that was something he wasn’t well prepared. However, despite all those hardships, he repeatedly maintained that he would never change a thing about his decisions.