Fact-check: Did Nqobile Nunu Khumalo die? Origins of the rumor and the truth

Just about a day ago. Blogs like Savanah News and others started sharing somewhat misleading titles about Nunu Khumalo.

What happened to Nunu Khumalo if anything
What happened to Nunu Khumalo if anything

They were insinuating through misleading titles that the actress was indeed, gone. So, in this article we will try to do a bit of a background check. On the stories about the young actress. So, enjoy this a quick 2 minute read.

So, how did the rumor start

Living in our Era, click baiting isn’t a new thing at all. Which is what happened a day ago, while small blogs like Savannah News and many others take reporting with a grain of salt. The chain reaction started by such misleading topics and titles can be dire. Yesterday (28 Jun 2022), Savanah News shared a misleading topic about Nunu Khumalo.

A picture of Nqobile Nunu Khumalo
A picture of Nqobile Nunu Khumalo

Khumalo is known for playing Hlengiwe on etv’s scandal. The heading read “Condolences messages flood in for Scandal actress Nunu Khumalo who plays Hlengiwe”. Which even to a lay man may suggest that the actress had died. While some clicked the Bait and got disappointed. Many just took the topic as it is and spread misinformation. With people even thinking the actress died.

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So, did Nunu Khumalo really die?

The answer to that question is really simple. No she didn’t die. However, she lost her grandmother. Which is what the whole conundrum was about. Nunu Khumalo penned her grandmother a charming message.

Nunu Khumalo actually lost her grandmother
Nunu Khumalo actually lost her grandmother

She expressed her gratitude for everything she had done for her. She said her gratitude for her presence, love and kindness when Nunu was growing up. Nunu also mentioned she will always cherish her grandmother’s prayers.

A picture Nqobile Khumalo who plays Hlengiwe on etv's scandal
A picture Nqobile Khumalo who plays Hlengiwe on etv’s scandal

Nunu posted a touching film about her grandmother’s life and times. She had a close bond with many people, so they were sympathetic. On the opening slide of the video montage, Nunu is seen supporting the speaker with a microphone. She is reading a prepared speech from an A4 page while seated. A picture of her grandparents and their grandchildren may be seen on the second slide.

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Condolences from fellow actors and fans

Kagiso Yabakwena, a former Scandal actor, sent his sincere sympathies. You may know Kagiso Yabakwena with his more famous name, Kagiso Modupe. He played Mangi Nyathi on Scanal and is currently the director at House of Zwide. Moreover, Nunu’s grandmother was someone he had previously met and had praised for her wonderful soul. Furthermore, condolences were sent by her supporters. Emoticons of shattered doves and white hearts can be seen in her comment area.

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