How Stephanie Sandows made the first moves on Hungani Ndlovu AKA Romeo from Scandal

How Stephanie Sandows made the first moves on Hungani Ndlovu AKA Romeo Medupe from Scandal will be today’s topic. This might be come off as a bit weird but uhm most of your favourite celebrity relationships weren’t as straightforward as you’d hope. Well, that’s a good thing I think, after all where’s the fun in obviously straightforward things anyways.

A picture of Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu. This article will detail a few details on how they met.
A picture of Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu. This article will detail a few details on how they met.

Talking about Straightforward, if you’re a big fan of etv’s prime soap opera Scandal you might have heard. Heard what exactly? Hungani Ndlovu who played Romeo Medupe and Stephanie Sandows who played Ingrid on the show are married. Old news right? Well we’ve got more, so take your coffee and sit down for a quick read.

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How did Stephanie Sandows and Hungani Ndlovu really meet?

Well, Stephanie Sandows whom her youtube fans know as Steph is part of the recruiting team at Scandal. Yupp, she is the boss. So, Hungani Ndlovu came for auditions in 2015, he was practically unknown to the screens. However, he had talent, a lot of talent, you’ve seen it yourself I think. So when he came to audition for the Romeo role, Stephanie was the assesor and she practically gave Hungani Ndlovu his first job. Yupp, that’s that.

Stephanie Sandows was practically Hungani Ndlovu's boss
Stephanie Sandows was practically Hungani Ndlovu’s boss

Cool right? Well we’re only starting. So after she hired him, she continued to see him act and developed a crush for him. I mean who would really blame her though. However, she was a bit reluctant initially because of the age gap (she’s four years older than him) and you know, the business and pleasure complex.

Stephanie Sandows called Hungani Ndlovu to her office for a chat

But after some time of thinking and fancying the then young actor (they are peers but he was in his earliest 20s then so you get it). Stephanie Sandows made the first moves towards her goal. So, she called Hungani to her office to have a chat. This wasn’t cast couching cuz he was already hired for all you leftists or rightists? Not so sure, whatever you are. She wanted to just hear him out and see him a bit closer.

Their first conversation left Stephanie Sandows is awe at Hungani Ndlovu's deep understanding of things.
Their first conversation left Stephanie Sandows is awe at Hungani Ndlovu’s deep understanding of things.

So when Hungani got there, she told him a bit of a cook up, she claimed that she wanted an autograph from one of the actors. This was her excuse for seeing him, Hungani was perplexed by this. He was like “You’re the boss, you don’t know any of the actors?” And sadly the answer was yes, she spent most of the time in her office and didn’t get to meet the actors. So Hungani would be like an inside man.

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How their conversation won over Stephanie Sandows

Before we move on, while still at the office, the two love birds? Too soon. The two collegues (That’s the word I was looking for) ended up talking about future plans and even about Jesus, you know it’s deep when you talk about Jesus, right fellas? Yeah, so they talked about Jesus and a lot of stuff.

Hungani Ndlovu turned out to be a bit more than she expected

The conversation led Steph (as we her youtube fans call her) to a very unavoidable epiphany. She saw Hungani being way too matured for his age. And she mentions how overtaken she was by his intelligence and maturity stating that the way he spoke showed that he was going to do what he said and it wasn’t all talk. Yupp, he was that good.

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After that, she came to the shoots to see him acting and was overwhelmed by his talent. And one thing led to another (you know where we’re going with this right) and uhm Hungani found himself kissing Stephanie Sandows one night after work.

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And that was the beginning of a perpetual love story. So basically that’s how Stephanie Sandows made the first moves in this relationship. Which is pretty cool when you think about it considering the various stereotypes on gender roles. This was a beautiful story. Hope you enjoyed it.

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