How Xiaomi is transforming the Tech world

How Xiaomi is transforming the Tech world
How Xiaomi is transforming the Tech world

Xiaomi is currently one of the biggest Tech companies. It is currently fourth from Apple, Samsung and Huawei to have developed their own mobile system-on-chip. The company Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun and is currently headquartered in Beijing China. Lei Jun is currently the CEO of the company. The Chinese billionaire Leu Jun was estimated by Forbes to have a net worth of U$23 Billion as of 2021. The revenue of the company Xiaomi stood at $37.68 Billion as of 2020.

Their first smartphone was released in August 2011 and by 2014 it was the largest smartphone company in China. And, as of 2018 it was the fourth largest smartphone company in the world. That is rapid growth on its side. The company goes by the trade name Mi and produces other electronic items like Laptops, mobile apps and even handbags.

Xiaomi and the IoT

Xiaomi and the internet of things
Xiaomi’s Mi air charging

The internet of things is idea of monitoring physical objects by inserting sensors in them. For example, if your socks had sensors, it would be much easier to find them than if they had no sensors. Xiaomi is one of the leading tech companies that are very enthusiastic about that idea.

In fact their remote charging is one step ahead of the game since none of the big companies are up for that. However, in America they have recently discovered similar science of using a Rodman lens to gather energy from 5G Electromagnetic waves. This is the same technique Xiaomi’s Mi air remote charging uses. But, instead of producing small micro watts they can charge devices as big as a laptop or smartphone battery in a short period of time.

The 5G Smartphone’s race

This is one of their latest ground breaking achievements in the tech world. Aside from this, Xiaomi has extremely affordable 5G smartphones. Unlike Huawei, Xiaomi’s 5G smartphones can be as low as R5 500. This is however much higher than the Realme 8 smartphone which is only about R3000 and has 5G and arguably better or similar camera quality. That is why in our post of Realme 8 raises the bar we argued that they did competitively well in terms of producing one of the cheapest advanced 5G smartphone.

Xiaomi's note 10c pro
Buy the Xiaomi note 10 for only R2,602.56

Xiaomi’s smartphones are known for better chips, including MediaTek Dimensity processors (same as Realme) but they usually add more cores than Realme which makes their phones way faster and more expensive.

Xiaomi is wants to compete in the Electric cars race

Hyundai Concept electric car
Hyundai Concept electric car

In retrospect, Xiaomi is competing aggressively in the Tech world, in fact Xiaomi is planning to venture into electric cars. This was announced earlier this year. Moreover, Xiaomi is going to invest about $10 Billion into the electric car business. He mentioned that their first electric car will be a Sedan or SUV which will be worth somewhere between $15,000 and $45,000. In fact, according to analysts this price range is pretty consumer friendly. This puts them in direct competition with Tesla and Mercedes Benz which recently released their EQS electric car.

Well, it is a rough game and the competition is high with other electric car companies going bankrupt but with Xiaomi’s enthusiasm in technology it is reasonable to think they will up their game. Stay with us for more tech news. Follow us on twitter and we will keep you updated with Tech news and Business news.

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