Low value content Adsense quick fix

Have you just started a new blog and are struggling to get Adsense approval? Well, you’re not alone. Our team noticed requests about adsense approval and how you can get approval. Today we will be focusing on one of the most common problems. Low value content adsense problem.

What is Low value content?

Low value content adsense
What is low value content according to adsense?

Well, Google believes in creating a healthy environment for advertisers. This environment ensures that their advertisers get clicks from relevant people. Imagine you started a website about entertainment and in you have only 2 articles with 150 words. The algorithm that Google ad sense bots use will not be able to find enough consistency in that content to tell exactly what your site is about.

Moreover, the team behind the review of your site will think that you have no content. Considering if you had a lot of it you would prove it by having a lot of posts. We reccommend at least 15 posts. Sometimes even ten work but 15 is a much better fix.

Privacy policy, contact us and about page are a must have

In your menu it is important to add an about page, privacy policy, (here’s a link to a template). Then add a contact us page. We added these as sub menus on our website. We got the template from a trusted UC berkely website privacy policy maker. Filled in the information and put it out. The privacy policy is crucial to adsense approval because it let’s the users know that you are trusted and what you do with their information. Here at ABAT we use the information to improve our website and to expand further and to fact check.

In the about page you talk about your website. What services you provide and your vision and mission. Make people excited about what you will do for them or what they will get from you. Quality products, accurate news or technology diy tricks. Put yourself out there in the About page.

The contact us page is not so complicated as it is just about how people may reach you. As mentioned in our contact us page, we are on facebook, twitter, instagram(not yet active but yoi can contact us), and also on pinterest. We do not yet allow calls or whatsapp massages but you can email us. We are still working on our other contacts but we recommend you start with all of them especially if you are an e-commerce website.

You have too many tabs and too little posts

The proportion of your tabs to your posts. To not confuse you, I’m talking about the tabs in the navigation bar. If you reduce them to two or just one when you’re starting then you are most likely going to get approved. This makes your information much more dense and gives the algorithm a simplified analysis of your niche and display relevant ads.

Another thing is the length of your words

Google reccomends thick content, which means your article must have a lot of information and answer a lot of questions. So as you write, try as much to answer all the possible questions people may ask around that subject or topic. Remember to always use your words and not to copy exactly from the source as this is violation of Google’s policies. Google might even ban you for that or decline you an approval because of scrapped content.

Words above 350 are required

At most, make sure you have words above 350 per article. We reccomend 600 words per article in order to ensure approval. Don’t just add a lot of useless meaningless words, try to answer questions. If you are writing about replacing a tyre, answer questions like which cars the technique will work on, which tools to use and their specific names, are the alternatives? That will add up to your content

User experience is also important

Google also mentions that users must have a good experience on your website. This means, your website must load fast so try reducing unnecessary high resolution images and try embedding videos instead of uploading them. This increases the time it takes to load the page and Google wouldn’t want their advertisers on a slow loading website. Also, make sure your navigation menu functions properly and your theme is also eligible for adsense. This is crucial since some themes are not eligible for showing ads. Download WordPress themes with 5 star ratings if possible than 2 or 3 star.

Your website must contain legal content

Okay if you have made sure to have done all the things we mentioned in this short article we can gurantee you a 90% chance of getting approved. Make sure your website edifies to the world and doesn’t destroy it, pornography, movie leaking, or piracy music websites will not be approved by Google.

Websites like Fzmovies, fakaza and getintopc.com only got approved because Adsense was not tight about their policies but over the years they got even stricter so it’s only logical for you to make an edifying website. Don’t you want to shape the society for the better and not destroy it in pursuit of filthy lucre? We hope you enjoyed this article and hope you get approved and start earning. Always check your policy centerpolicy center to avoid violating any of Google’s policies after approval. A big thanks to our team for this article.

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