More detailed info on Riky Rick’s death

Riky Rick, a Grammy Award-winning hip-hop performer, has died. The cause of his tragic death is unknown, but Sunday World has learned that the skilled artist, whose actual name is Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado, allegedly committed himself on Wednesday morning at his estate home in the north of Joburg.

Riky Rick Rikhado full details on death cause revealed
Riky Rick Rikhado full details on death cause revealed

The muso allegedly hung himself with a rope after suffering from acute despair, according to many people who spoke to Sunday World.

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Riky died in the morning according to reports

The talented artist was discovered by his management team at his home around 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday, according to a source close to the situation. When they took him to a nearby hospital, he was still alive.

Ricky Rikhado Makhado death and life
Ricky Rikhado Makhado death and life

“Unfortunately, he died on the way to the hospital,” a person who did not want to be identified stated.

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Another source confirmed the death, which has left Mzansi without yet another outstanding artist in the form of Ungazincishi. “It’s sad, I’m heartbroken; without this wonderful musician, South Africa is poorer,” the source said.

Riky Rick, 34, is the second well-known person to commit suicide this year. Patrick Shai, a veteran actor, was discovered dead in his garage in January.

He was the owner of Cotton Clubs Records

The muso was the founder and owner of record label Cotton Club Records. He was well-known for fashion and setting trends.

Rikhado Makhado full story
Rikhado Makhado full story

He managed to establish himself as one of the most popular figures in South Africa’s entertainment scene, and has had so much presence in different.

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Riky Rick is known by several other names including Boss Zonke, Master Makhado, Minister of Energy, and King Kotini.

A little background on Riky Rick recent endeavors

The muso, who was married to Bianca Naidoo, has an interesting background. He was raised mainly by his maternal grandmother because he did not get the chance to grow up with his parents who divorced when he was a baby.

After that, his dad relocated to Johannesburg, and his mother, in pursuance of academia, studied locally and in the UK to qualify to become an advocate.

His untimely death comes just days after he announced a partnership deal with African Bank. The following message was the rapper’s last tweet.

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