Mukuru opportunities: How to apply for work at Mukuru as a foreigner/Citizen

Mukuru is a multinationals financial solutions company which covers a lot of African countries. It allows people to send money to each other accross numerous countries. Furthermore, they allow clients to open Mukuru cards which allow clients to shop online and save money.

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It has a maximum balance of up to R25K. Initially it didn’t allow online shopping but with new updates you can do that now. In this article we will analyze how you can get a job at Mukuru through Mukuru opportunities. Step by step till you finish the application and await their final response.

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Introduction to Mukuru opportunities

Like most companies. Mukuru opens vacancies for people in oder to create employment and at the same time boost the effficacy and expansion of their business. In more detail, Mukuru has numerous positions from software developer, managers, senior software developer, financial manager, business analysts and online virtual sales persons. These positions open and close depending on the demand for their business.

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How to apply for the job?

Well, it’s pretty easy. First of all go to mukuru webpage and scroll down to Mukuru careers. You’ll see a tab/button written view current vacancies which will allow you to browse through the open positions.

Job locator and finder at Mukuru
Job locator and finder at Mukuru

Once you find the one you are qualified for just click the job and this window will pop up.

Job description at mukuru
Job description at mukuru

This window gives a full and detailed description of the job, the qualifications and requirements for the job. It also allows you to apply using your Indeed Resume, or a manual application or your linkedin profile. We will focus on the manual application since it requires more steps.

Simple steps in applying for Mukuru careers (manual application)

Click on the apply to position button and this window will appear.

The job application form at Mukuru and how to tackle it.
The job application form at Mukuru and how to tackle it.

The window has a semi-long form to fill. We’ll start at the top to the bottom. At the top they want these personal details including your names, email address and phone number. After that if you scroll down this portion will appear.

Filling the Mukuru careers job application form
Filling the Mukuru careers job application form. In this part of the form they will need information on your previous work and education. Just click “add position” to add your work details and click “add education” to add your education information. Lastly, your Resume. Attach your Resume at the bottom.

Finishing up

Scroll down again and this will appear.

Finalizing mukuru job opportunity form
Finalizing mukuru job opportunity form

After all that. You can now add your experience summary. Try to be as relevant to the job post as possible. Experience in cutting trees is much more irrelevant to a programming job than experience with html programming.

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Recieving feedback from Mukuru

Immediately after presding “continue”, you will get an email like this one here.

First email response from Mukuru after applying for the job.
First email response from Mukuru after applying for the job.

This email is automated and will be sent a few moments after you submit your application. In this email, you are told about the basical recruiting process. It is advised that you be vaccinated as you will see later on they will require and inquire of your vaccination certificate. This email lets you know that in case your application was rejected. You will not recieve any email within two weeks and they also make their Covid-19 compliance clear.

The first Mukuru test

If you succeed. The first reply you get is this one.

The second email from Mukuru
The second email from Mukuru
The last portion of the second email when applying for work at Mukuru
The last portion of the second email when applying for work at Mukuru.

The test you see here is only a network speed test incase you will work remotely. Then they want additional information like your academic results papers, your documentation and other information.

The last three tests

After that net work test. You find another email subsequent to the previous one with this information.

The last three tests explained.
The last three tests explained.

The tests are self-explanatory. The first is an English language proficient test. Testing how proficient and fluent you are in English. It’s very important as you will be dealing with people from different languages. The second is an attention to detail test which tests if you can see small errors in texts or numbers. Very important when working with people’s phone numbers, balancing excel financial queries. The third is critical thinking which will test your logic and problem solving skills. These skills are important when you are faced with unique problems not in the FAQs. The final email after this will require your vaccination certificate and or when you will make one if you don’t have one already. So that’s all for today. Good luck in applying for jobs at this institution.

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