No vaccination, no booze said Limpopo MEC for health.

No vaccination, no booze said Limpopo MEC
No vaccination, no booze said Limpopo MEC

No vaccination, no booze said Limpopo MEC for health, Phophi Ramathuba.

No vaccination, no booze these were the words from Limpopo MEC for health. She said this during her interview on 702 radio. The radio presenter Clement Manyathela asked her ‘ what about the law and people’s right’. Her response was that ‘ I haven’t looked at the implications of the law’. She further said she is going to talk to liquor outlets owners to refuse selling alcohol to unvaccinated customer.

Why alcohol was prohibited during lockdown?

When the lockdown started with number of Covid-19 rising, alcohol was always prohibited unless it’s in much better level. The manufacturer and those who were selling alcohol complained about the prohibition. They even came to an extent where by they took the government to court. It was unfair that only alcohol was not allowed while other businesses were operating. Most owners of taverns and bars were crying for their source of income.

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The reason for the government to prohibited alcohol was that, hospitals were full with people beaten or get injured while drinking alcohol. These bed which were suppose to serve people with Covid-19, were now full because of people’s irresponsible while drinking. Some of them after drinking they were not wearing masks. That also has an impact in the rising number of people found positive with Covid-19.


Alcohol is one of the product which brings more money in the country. Even though it was like that, government of South Africa didn’t risk people’s lives for money. The restrictions were so harsh but were reduced to accommodate those selling alcohol. The president started to even announce that alcohol will start selling Monday to Thursday, from 10am to 6pm.

Now with number of Covid-19 keep rising, it seems like people have to choose between vaccine and booze. As the Limpopo MEC has suggested whats going to happen. We will wait see if the owners will agree to the suggestion by the Limpopo MEC for health. It depends on how people are going to take it since some think it’s unfair.

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