Why are primordial black holes important?

Primordial black holes
What are primordial black holes and why are they important?

You may know that a black hole is any region in spacetime with an extremely strong gravitas pull. Such that even light can’t escape it. In terms of their formation you may know the story of black holes forming from a dead star that collapsed into its own gravitational pull. These are called super novae black holes since they form from dead stars. However, there is another group of black holes not famously known by the public. These are called Primordial black holes and we will give you a bit of insight into them.

What are primordial black holes?

The etymology of the concept comes from the time at which they form. Unlike black holes that form from dead stars. Primordial black holes form from the early conditions of the universe. They are “the early” black holes as they form when the universe was very very small and young.

How do they form?

Cosmic microwave background or cmb
The CMB shows that some regions were denser than others and had more energy than others. This density flactuation

When we look at the early conditions of the universe we see that there was a huge amount of density fluctuations. Density fluctuation only means that some regions in space time were denser (contained more mass-energy) than others. These density flactuations are what create our galaxy local groups and super clusters because after the inflation, these dense areas moved from being a few nanometers to millions of light years.

They formed during the cosmic inflation

Primordial black holes
The cycles model of the universe. Showing the expansion and constriction of the universe.

So you know, inflation is the period when the universe expanded the fastest from a few nanometers/ to millions of light years. This expansion was indeed faster than light. However, it doesn’t break the laws of relativity which only apply within the universe itself. In fact due to dark matter the expansion of galaxies a few billion light years away is faster than light in recession speed. But what it means is, the expansion of space in between galaxies is expanding and not that galaxies themselves are moving.

Why the expansion is not considering faster than light phenomena

That may seem like a lame excuse for not accepting that Einstein was wrong but this is a better interpretation which reduces a lot of theory complications.The formation of primordial black holes is from density flactuations. Some regions with very dense regions could create small black holes which after the inflation era then became very big from a grain of salt to a thousands of solar masses in range. These blackholes were theorizedby the likes of Stephen Hawking, and Yakov Borisovich Zel’dovich one of the earliest to hypothesize the existence of such holes.

Why are they important?

Primordial black holes may be one of the answers to the question of dark matter. In recent studies, scientists hypothesized that Primordial black holes were what we called dark matter, we covered that argument fairly in this article. Now we will only argue for it in terms of primordial black holes alone and not black holes in general. For black holes to be dark matter, they must be accountable for 80% of physical matter.

There doesn’t seem to be enough primordial black holes

However, from studies of how many primordial black holes are actually or could actually be there, there just seems not to be enough of them. The other argument is how big and how concentrated they have to be in the universe to account for dark matter. For example, they can’t be too small because they would’ve evaporated or we would see a reduction in dark matter over the years.

Possibly outcomes of evaporating black holes

However, the amount dark mattter has been constant over the years. Which would be contradictory to dark matter just being a primordial black hole as those only decrease with time and evaporate. The evaporation increases physical matter or energy while decreasing the black hole.

This goes to show how improbable the argument is of primordial black holes accounting for dark matter. Furthermore, dark matter is spread out, such that in the milky way it forms a huge halo around the galaxy. So, primordial black holes accounting for dark matter they would have to be sparsely spread out like that. Which means we might need a bunch of small black holes around our galaxy which are undetectable since we haven’t detected any huge amount of black holes in our galaxy that could account for dark matter.

Could Planet 9 be a black hole?

Planet X could be a primordial black hole

Over the years we thought pluto was the 9nth planet however after a reassessment of pluto. It was assigned as a dwarf planet. However, the search for planet was not over. It turns out there is a planet/object further away from us by billions of kilometers or a 600 times the distance from earth to the sun.

Why pluto was reassigned as a dwarf planet and not planet 9?

The planet is was discovered by how it influenced the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. This gravitational anomaly was acredited to pluto however, in 1992 after the discovery of the Kuiper belt, Scientists knew that it wasn’t pluto. They discovered that the pluto was way too light to influence neptune’s orbit like that.

In fact they had discovered objects of similar size or even bigger in the kuiper belt. That was just proof that oh well, Pluto wasn’t that special at all. It was just an ordinary object of insignificant size like the rest in the kuiper belt region. That’s when it was reassigned as a dwarf planet. However, the search had to continue since pluti wasn’t the answer to Lowell’s search.

Planet nine could be a primordial black hole

Well, in recent studies. Scientists and physicists discovered that in our galaxies there were small regions in spacetime causing gravitational lensing. Gravitational lensing is the bending of light around objects of mass and if too massive the light bends quite noticeably. In other massive galaxies you can see two images of the galaxies as light bends around the galaxy. This lensing is seen even in objects as large as the hypothetical megastructure called a Dyson sphere.

The benefits of having black hole in our back yard

This then led to a confirmation of the possible existence of hypothetical blackholes called Primordial black holes. Cosmologists started theorizing that planet 9 could be a primordial black hole which would explain its size. However, this far from being confirmed, but it is a good start. If planet X is a blackhole. Then we might have just been blessed with astronomical information at our disposal. As we will be able to study more about blackholes right here in our backyard. However, the blackhole may pose a threat to our entire solar system.

If planet X is a black hole then we’ve got a mess to clean and a lot to learn

If it is a supermassive primordial black hole. It could swallow all the matter making up our solar system and that will be the end of us. Moreover, if it is an evaporating black hole, it can destroy us by releasing a lot of energy when it evaporates. That’s a lot of worry for us. However, we will have billions of years at our disposal to plan an escape perhaps to a nearby planet but no one knows if we will truly escape. Moreover, if planet X is a blackhole. We will be able to experience time dilation in our back yard. Hey, maybe it’s not so bad.

However, this might be the solution we need for Fermis paradox

Primordial black holes might just answer fermis paradox

Perhaps there were other civilizations who had a blackhole in their backyard which bursted in gamma radiation and destroyed them. Perhaps that’s how most civilizations die. There’s just too many primordial black holes everywhere such that a civilizations dies out in a few billion years. But we will discuss this paradox in depth in a future article. Stay tuned. Stay informed.

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