Realme 8 raises the bar

Realme 8 raise the bar
Realme 8 raises the bar

Realme has just released their latest phone Realme 8. This phone is their latest after the release of Realme 7. We dive into the specs of this phone and its affordability. First of all, Realme is an electronics manufacturing company specializing in smartphones but they also make other things like TV sets.

The company was made public after the resignation of Sky Li or Li Bingzhong. Sky Li’s intention was to extend the company’s growth by making it public. After this he introduced the slogan “Dare to leap” which was all about their enthusiasm in technological expansion. Li Bingzhong then said the company would focus on producing smartphones that are of good design and also of affordable price. And indeed Realme has kept that promise with their smartphones.

Realme 8 raises the bar

Dare to Leap's Realme 8
Realme sets sail for greater heights

Starting from the outward appearance the phone does attract a lot of eye balls. With a 6.5 inch 90Hz infinity display screen the phone is already looking good. But to those who follow a lot of smartphones, you already know that’s not new, neither is the punch-hole camera. However, Realme 8 raised the bar on the thickness of the phone by making it 8.55mm thick. Also, their 5G dimensity processor allows this since it is only 7nm in dimensions. The phone has 4 HD cameras which allow up to 48MP of photoshooting. Realme 8 comes with a 3 card slot allowing dual sim cards and one SD card with expandable memory of up to 1TB(Terabyte).

Mediatek Dimensity 700 5G processor

Dimensity mediatek 5G processor

Now that’s pretty much it for the outward appearance so what is inside? It turns out that Realme has used as mentioned above a 7nm Mediatek Dimensity 5G processor. It computes with CPU at 2.2GHz and GPU at 950MHz. Which tops phone performance way above those of 4G smartphone rocessors or mainstream processors. The processor amounts to less heat and less battery consumption. And, faster perfomance for the phone, so you won’t worry about your phone jamming easily.

Ultra 5G Network

Furthermore, the phone has a 5G network chip for both the sim cards with quick standby technology. The ultra 5G network tops internet speed capabilities by 700% as compares to the 4G networks. Moreover, their 5G chipset is compatible with most of the worldwide bandwith so it can work well in almost every country.

Smart 5G power saving

The phone has a 5000mAh 18W quick charge massive battery with capabilities of lasting more than 24 hours on normal use. Now, this wouldn’t mean much if you were to consider the way 5G consumes power. So, Realme took that into consideration and considered an AI smart battery saver which will switch between 5G and 4G to save the battery. This smart power saving method plus the 500mAh battery, the phone can last for hours on 5% battery. Awesome right? Yeah

5000mAh Battery capabilities

5000mAh massive battery capabilities
5000mAh massive battery capabilities

The 5000mAh massive battery does more than just looking pretty. The battery can last up 655 hours on standby, 42 hours calling(non-stop), 16 hours non-stop video watch. It can last up to 112 hours on non stop music playing. But most importantly, while on standby, with only 5% it can last up to 2 days and 21 hours and 48 minutes which is pretty cool. Or you can chat online for 89 minutes

Affordability of the Realme 8

Okay, now the hard question we’ve all been waiting for, how much is the phone anyways? The phone sets sail on a reasonable price of 14 999.00 rupees or $200 or R3000 . Which is pretty reasonable considering the amazing specs we just went over and capabilities. And yes Realme runs on Android, like all smartphones, it only runs on the latest version of android whatever it will be at the time in question. So yeah, Realme is pretty cheap, probably not the cheapest smartphone on earth but the cheapest advanced smartphone on earth. Buy it here.

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