Sivenathi Mabuya discusses leaving Scandal! as Xolile Langa-Medupe

Sivenathi Mabuya also known just as Sive Mabuya is a South African actress known for her role as Xolile on Scandal!

Sivenathi Mabuya is leaving scandal but not forever
Sivenathi Mabuya is leaving scandal but not forever

She plays the role of the Posthumous Boniswa Langa’s daughter. Before we get into why she left the drama series of Scandal in the meanwhile, let’s indulge a bit into her background.

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Some quick background information about Sivenathi Mabuya

Sive Mabuya is 28 years old. She grew up in East London despite being born in Cape Town on April 26, 1993. Fans wonder if Sive Mabuya’s siblings speak Zulu, Xhosa, and English as well as she does. The actress was a member of the school’s drama club and also appeared in church skits.

Sive Mabuya graduated high school with credits in stage and acting. She later obtained a BFA Degree in Theatre. Mabuya is also a brand ambassador and or social influencer. A realist and a family person as she reveals. She is currently in a relationship with someone whose name hasn’t yet been revealed. However, there are pictures of them together.

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So, why did Sive Mabuya leave? And is she gone forever?

Well, yes. Sive Mabuya has left Scandal! etv. However, it isn’t forever but for quite a long time. Truth is we can never really know how long. However, she has shared how much she enjoyed being on set. And, how grateful she was to be given that opportunity.

Sivenathi Mabuya and her boyfriend
Sivenathi Mabuya and her boyfriend

On that note of leaving; Sivenathi Mabuya did mention that her and Xolile have some things in common. Notably, putting family first, Sivenathi puts her family first. And, said she is going to miss the Scandal family till we meet again. Even though it is not the end, it is certain that we will not see her for quite some time.

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