South African acting industry: How to become an actor

How many times have you wondered how hard it was to be an actor? Or how actors move from being ordinary people to actors? Do you perhaps want to be an actor yourself? Well, this article is for you. You’ll have a realistic perspective on how to join the South African acting industry.

Is school neccesary for becoming an actor

Well, in oder to become an actor, you do not neccesarily need to be a graduate from an acting school. However, producers, directors and cast directors are likely to prefer a more sophisticated person than a person who acts out of spontaneity.

South African acting

Just like all art forms, you may be talented and be able to execute the role spontaneously. But all forms of art follow certain rules and being aware of them increases your chances of executing the role in a more sophisticated and impressive way. So, getting some acting classes or enrolling for a degree in Dramatic arts, Theatre arts and etc. Will probably push your chances higher for being accepted.

Why do actors start in theatres most of the time?

The answer is plain simple, it is hard to be on TV and the directors and producers are often very strict. Starting out at the theatres helps you to polish your skills and get used to the acting world, learning to read scripts and execute them. Most famous actors started in theatres, including Kgomotso Christopher (Yvonne from Scandal) , Matthews Rantsoma (Nhlamulo from Scandal), Thapelo Aphiri (Javas from Scandal), Anathi Gobeni ( Lindo from Imbewu), Mncedisi Shabangu (Khulekani from Rhythm city) and many others. The point here is, starting small with your big dream in mind will make you a better actor. But, it is not neccesary to start in theatres.

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Why do you need an agent?

Well, acting is a little tricky. Thus an agent maybe needed. We will list a few agencies you can contact to start. Why do I need agencies? you may ask. Well, angents are experienced in the industry so they have connections to productions hence they can help you find the nearest auditions. They look for roles for you and you just have to audition, they look for opportunities on your behalf which without good connections you might fail to do on your own. However, if you are fortunate enough to find auditions on your own like Anathi Gobeni and Zenokuhle Maseko then good for you, you might not need an agent.

Here are a few agencies you can contact:

Top angecies to join for South African actors

What are the disadvantages of angents?

Well, angents help you get roles but they can take up to 25% of your monthly salary while you are taxed 20-25%. Which may leave you with only 50% of your salary, not fair right? Well, that’s how the game goes. So, if you can do it without them, do it. If you can follow production companies like Bomb Production (producing House of Zwide) or Stain Glass production (Producing Uzalo and others) you may know when they have auditions and go for yourself. Moreover, there are other productions.

South African acting

Here are a few of the famous productions in the industry:

How hard is acting really?

Well, acting seems easy but it is actually very hard. You must first of all read and memorize your script (which is written in English so make sure you know English). Then you must be able to execute the role from reading the script. It may take hours to read and memorize youe script. However, it can take up to 12 hours being on set and executing the lines until the producer is satisfied. So, most actors spend an avarage of 10-12 hours on set, reducing their quality time with family and friends. We hope you found this article useful. Do visit us often for updates like this.

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