7 things you should know about Craig Palm

Craig Palm (born November 1981) is a South African actor best known for his television roles. Firstly as the gangster Angel on Yizo Yizo 3 (2004) and as Sting on Zone 14, from 2005-2008.

A picture of Craig Palm from his agency @mlsa
A picture of Craig Palm from his agency @mlsa

Moreover, he can recently be remembered as Steel from Gold diggers on e.tv. And while most of his information remains scarce. In this article we will try to cover most of his available information in the public records. With these 7 questions on Craig palm.

1. What are Craig Palm’s origins

Craig Palm was supposedly born in Cape Town in November in 1981. His actual birth day is unknown, however we do know that he is turning 41 this year in November. Moreover, his childhood is unknown and there is no entry of him disclosing any information on that. So, no information on parents or siblings. However, it is known that his love for acting began while in school. As Craig did participate in Theatre when he was in high school. So, his passion for acting comes a long way.

2. Where did Craig Palm get his education

Much like his early life. The schools he attended, whether primary, secondary or tertiary remain undisclosed. All that is known is he did participate in theatrical plays in school.

So, he has decades of experience in the acting arts. As is evident in his acting. However, we don’t know if he has any tertiary education or not as he has not devulged such information to the public.

3. How tall is Craig Palm?

If you’re wondering how tall Craig is. Well, he is really tall, standing at almost 6 foot tall. According to his agency at MLSA, the actor a 1.8m tall man in stature. A height that has proven to be advantageous for him in the acting industry. Allowing him to be versatile in every role.

4. How much is he worth?

Again, being the private person he is. There is no knowledge of his property possessions. So, his net worth is indeterminate and unknown. However, what you can be sure of is, he has surely amassed some wealth in the longevity of his career. From, 2007 to date, you can be sure he probably has a little something to hold on to. But the exact amount of his assets’ worth is unknown.

5. How did he begin his Career in Acting

His career spans for over a decade. However, most of his prominence began around 2009 when he played Lukas in the racing film Race-ist. Which premiered at Nu Metro in December 2009. Thereafter, Palm could be seen in filmsĀ  such as Max and Mona, The Flyer, Tsotsi, Triomf, The Bang Bang Club and Safe House.

Craig Palm played the role of Steel on etv's Gold diggers
Craig Palm played the role of Steel on etv’s Gold diggers

Moreover, Craig has also acted in a number of soapies including Generations, Backstage and Rhythm City. He also had a supporting role in the comedy-drama television series Izoso Connexion, in 2007. However, In more recent years he could be seen playing Steel on e.tv‘s Gold Diggers. Which included renowned actors like Mpho Sibeko, Daniel Hadebe, Lehasa Moloi, Owen Sejake and many more.

6. Connection with the late Mcendisi Shabangu and leaving Blood knot

In 2021, just around October, Craig Palm was doing a Theatre play with Mcendisi Shabangu. The play was written by the famous playwright, Athol Fugard and directed by James Ngcobo. However, after weeks of rehearsals, Craig Decided to pull out with no explanation give. The only reason he gave was that he left for personal reasons.

Craig Palm exited a play with Mncedisi Shabangu just a few weeks before the release
Craig Palm exited a play with Mncedisi Shabangu just a few weeks before the release

This disappointed many viewers who were looking forward to seeing him perform. As a result of his exit from the play, he was replaced by actor Francois Jacobs. This was the last theatrical interaction he had with Mncedisi Shabangu who passed on just a month ago.

7. Does Craig Palm have social media?

As much of a big shot as he is. The actor has no active Facebook, twitter or Instagram as of October 2022. So, the only way to reach him is to visit MLSA.com and try to look for his assigned agent. Or just call or email the agency, they can reach him for you. Otherwise if you were looking for an Instagram account where he occasionally shares pictures of himself doing Craig Palm stuff?

The actor has no active social media account
The actor has no active social media account

You’ve hit a wall. However, it’s important to note that the actor once had a Twitter account which vaguely suggested he was rapping at the time. And if you search on Google, his name appears on music streaming platforms. So, maybe instead of checking out his pictures, you can check out his music.