Nomvelo Makhanya finally talks about why she actually left etv’s Scandal!

Nomvelo Makhanya is a South African actress who is famously known for playing the role of Lindiwe on etv’s Scandal! She recently left the show on the 10th of November 2022. In a sad emotional scene after she suffered from complications related to her heart.

Nomvelo Makhanya didn't Makhanya didn't leave etv's Scandal because of her boyfriend
Nomvelo Makhanya didn’t Makhanya didn’t leave etv’s Scandal because of her boyfriend

However, her exit didn’t come without controversy and in this article we are going to separate myth from fact about her exit. Since, she recently did an interview with Daily Sun. We now have her word to back up our research.

1. What are the rumors on why Makhanya is leaving?

If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter lately. You’ve probably bumped into the rumors on why Nomvelo Makhanya left Scandal! So, let’s explore the various speculations. The first speculation was that Nomvelo Makhanya got tired of Nhlamulo’s (Matthews Rantsoma) breath. Quite a wild theory really, and a very harmful one to the character of the great actor Matthews Rantsoma.

Rumors had it that Nomvelo Makhanya was fired, or that she was forced to leave by her boyfriend
Rumors had it that Nomvelo Makhanya was fired, or that she was forced to leave by her boyfriend 

The second most prominent one was that Lindiwe left because her boyfriend was uncomfortable with her kissing and being with other men on set. Moreover, it was rumored that the young actress was in a very serious relationship promising marriage. So, she had to leave acting scènes that put her spouse in a uncomfortable place. The third speculation was she was fired for something.

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3. Where did the rumors come from?

Now, we got with our team here at ABAT and decided to do some research. And, our findings were very interesting. For starters, the origins of these rumors aren’t very reliable. Let’s start with the first rumour, the rumor got its backbone from a joke Lindiwe once made.

Lindiwe Ngema's last scene on etv's Scandal
Lindiwe Ngema’s last scene on etv’s Scandal

So, it was an interview with Matthews Rantsoma and joking about their time on set, Nomvelo revealed that one advice she’d give to Rantsoma was for him to bring mint for their intimate scenes. And, people blew this out of control. Specifically small independent media websites that were click baiting.

The sources for the Nomvelo rumor are vert unreliable
The sources for the Nomvelo rumor are vert unreliable

The second rumour which was reshared by originally came from Which is a website that has been associated with false stories. So, it’s very unreliable. Moreover, when looking into it, we discovered that their source was anonymous. It was just person who claimed to be close to Nomvelo Makhanya. Which makes the source very vague to conclusively base such claims on.

4. What’s the real truth about Nomvelo Makhanya’s exit?

The truth about both the rumpus is that they are unlikely to be true. In her interview with the Daily Sun about her exit. Nomvelo did not mention her relationship if any, and certainly didn’t mention Matthews Rantsoma. It was as if she was even unaware of this. Moreover, she wasn’t fired, there’s not a single traceable source for that line of speculation. Which leads us to believe with a great deal of conviction that the whole story was a hoax. A hoax that was designed to get clicks from people.

Patrick Mofokeng saying his goodbyes to his on-screen daughter Lindiwe Ngena
Patrick Mofokeng saying his goodbyes to his on-screen daughter Lindiwe Ngena

And thus far it has led to people actually believing it and tarnished her man’s name and put an insult on her character. With many calling her foolish and her husband to be very controlling. However, according to our research, it would be safe not to act on any unverified information with no solid source. Furthermore, according to us, all those theories were quite probably lies. So, do think twice before saying anything unkind and sinister to the great actress Nomvelo Makhanya.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion. Nomvelo probably just left the show due to her contract inevitably coming to an end. Or, she just wanted to explore other options and test new characters like the character she won a SAFTA for. That’s probably what she’s aiming for, at least that’s what she herself actually said in her interview with daily sun. As for the rumors. It’s probably safe to research first and find reliable sources for such rumors.