This is why Mpumelelo Bhulose keeps getting fired

His birth name is Franchot Mpumelelo Matthews. However most of his fans know him as Mpumelelo Bhulose. He turned 49 in February this year. He is a very loved actor and most people admire his skills.

Bhulose survived an accident

Mpumelelo Bhulose
Mpumelelo Bhulose survived an accident

Before the second period of the Uzalo shoot in August 2015, Bhulose had a head-on impact while driving in Durban. He endure the mishap excepting a couple of cuts and injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was confined for inebriation while driving.

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Why Mpumelelo Bhulose keeps getting fired though?

According to the Same, the actor, Mpumelelo Bhulose, who controversially left the SABC1 drama Uzalo last year following reports of a fallout with the show creators, was fired from Imbewu: The Seed for being a pain to work with. According to a source in the show, Bhulose was fired for absenteeism and for late-coming.

Why Mpumelelo Bhulose keeps getting fired
Why Mpumelelo Bhulose keeps getting fired

The answer is simple, Bhulose has a big ego. He was fired from Uzalo for his ego and not later in 2018 he also got fired from Imbewu. The directors say he is very stubborn and refuses to take orders. According to the Imbewu team, Bhulose would show up late and sometimes would go out of script. All this ego and pride is just too much for colleagues no matter how talented you are. However, he was reinstated in Uzalo only to be axed again. Well, maybe ego isn’t a good thing afterall.

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