Biography: Matthews Rantsoma age, girl friend, height, salary, career and Scandal!

Matthews Rantsoma (born 25 February 1995) is a 27-year-old South African actor. Best known for playing Nhlamulo Maseko on Scandal or simply Nhlamulo from Scandal. And in this article we will look into his life and work. So, Meet the Kasi Shakespeare and get to know his full up to date biography.

Full biography: Mathews Rantsoma

Matthews Rantsoma and James Sithole who played Mdala on etv’s Scandal
Matthews Rantsoma and James Sithole who played Mdala on etv’s Scandal

Full name: Mathews Rantsoma
Date of birth: 25 February 1995 (age27)
Place of birth: Tembisa, Johannesburg, Gauteng Province
Education: Theatre trained
Occupation: Actor
Known for: Nhlamulo Maseko on Scandal etv
Awards: 2019 Naledi Award (Nomination only), SAFTA for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Soap (Nomination only)
Height: 1.76m
Net worth: $250K (2022 estimate)
Nationality: South African

Early life of Matthews Rantsoma

Matthews Rantsoma was born and bred in Tembisa. He is currently 27 years since he was born on 25 February 1995. Moreover, speaks 5 languages, English, Setswana, Sotho, Pedi and Zulu. The actor has not indulged the public into the depths of his much more personal childhood. So, we don’t know his father, or mother or siblings. Only a great deal of his adult life, views and opinions are known, compared to his early life.

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When it comes to Education. There’s no information on any tertiary education Rantsoma has on acting or any other course.

According to sources, the actor is théâtre trained
According to sources, the actor is théâtre trained

However, Matthews is very popular in the theatrical acting and production. Moreover, he has made theatrical plays from Ngale Kwendu (2018) to Center of the less good idea season 7 (2020).

Nhlamulo Maseko from etv's Scandal!
Nhlamulo Maseko from etv’s Scandal!

Rantsoma has performed and produced theatrical plays since he was in high school. In fact , he started theatrical acting in Grade 10 but only started going big later on in his life. So, he has almost comparable experience to an educated actor. His teachers include, Jefferson Tshabalala, Themba Mkhoma, Leila Hendriques and Linda Tshabalala.

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Personal life

There some rumours that the actor was dating Nomvelo Makhanya. But, such rumours were unfounded and based on pure speculation. Moreover, the actor was involved in a social media uproar. When it was rumored by media outlets that Nomvelo Makhanya had hinted that the actor had bad breath. [1]Rantsoma did not respond to any of these issues. The actor is at best, very private about his personal life.

Matthews Rantsoma's most recent girl friend
Matthews Rantsoma’s most recent girl friend

However, recently, he has revealed his girl friend via his instagram. Her name is unknown, however. Also, there’s no data suggesting the actor has children or anything.


So, how tall is Mathews Rantsoma? Well, normally we use CVs but in cases where we can’t get hold of his official CV, we do graphical projections to predict height. And, according to our comparison analysis, the actor must be around 1.75-1.78m. Leading us to an avarage height of 1.76m.

Net worth and Salary

As arising star on the screens of million viewers, most people might be wondering how much does Nhlamulo earns every month! That’s good question to have mostly about someone who inspires you. The answer is, Nhlamulo is earning R25k to R35k every month on Scandal. As a person with a great talent, this is expected to increase just like it happens to every great actor. His current net worth is USD $200k.

Mathews Rantsoma’s views on the forex industry

Rantsoma is known to have a broad perspective on life and things. In fact when asked if forex works, he argued that the industry was overrated and filled with a lot of people who misunderstood its true potential. Whether it be good or bad.[2]

How he prapared for the Nhlamulo Maseko role

Matthews also discussed the role of Nhlamulo and the type of person he is. According to Rantsoma, Nhlamulo was a kind and caring Kasi forex trader. Whom he said knew the Kasi like the Palm of his hand. To top that, Matthews shed some light on how he prepared for his role. Saying that it took him a lot of research on the Kasi language and its origins to fully blend into the role.

The actor puts in a lot of research into his roles, including the Nhlamulo role on Scandal
The actor puts in a lot of research into his roles, including the Nhlamulo role on Scandal

Moreover, he was able to get help from his theatre team, directors, teachers and writers. Thus was able to get a good grasp of it. He got help from the likes of Jefferson Tshabalala and Themba Mkhoma His fluency as a result of the research earned him a lot of acknowledgements and love across social media.

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Matthews Rantsoma’s political influences and views on local content

According to the Nhlamulo Maseko actor, a lot of his knowledge comes from the passionate approach he gives when researching for roles. In one occasion, the actor cited that a play that required depthy research into Chris Hanni changed his views. Saying that it made him think of success as more of an inclusive achievement than an exclusive one. In his own words he was quoted saying: “success is when everyone around you is successful”.

Rantsoma also has a special appreciation for local music. Arguing that the local music industry is underrated and that Kwaito deserves as much respect as hip hop, R&B and other western genres. In fact to show support, the actor streams various African artists from South Africa to celebrate their music. He said that he does this once every day or week to embrace their impact saying South Africa owes them their flowers.


The actor is slowly becoming a big shot. His first award Nomination was the 2019 Naledi Award. Thereafter, in 2022, he was nominated for a SAFTA for the best supporting role in a TV soap. However, he did get the award. In response to that, Rantsoma said it was unfortunate he didn’t get the award. Hinting that he was hoping to have won it.

Social media

The actor is on Instagram, he is more active there. However, he does have a passively active Facebook page under his name. On Instagram his username if not changed is @matthewsrantsoma. He mostly shares personal snaps of himself, his girl friend and his whereabouts.