Where is Chicken from Rhythm City now?

Nelson Ntombela is a South African actor known for his role on Rhythm City as Chicken. He’s been silent for quite a while until recently when he showed up with a recent tweet snap that might prove him to be in Diep City.

Where is Chicken now?
Where is Chicken now?

Background information about Nelson Ntombela

Nelson Ntombela is well known for his menacing role in the Rhythm City serial on e.tv. Chicken is his character’s name, and he is the commander of the 68s, a prison gang.

Ntombela is 32 years old and was born in the Krugersdorp township of Kagiso, west of Johannesburg. He became involved in crime as a result of his upbringing in poverty. Nelson was arrested for armed robbery at the age of 16 years old.

In a interview he revealed his former life saying:

“The character is a walk in the park, growing up wasn’t easy because I grew up under the umbrella of gangsters. People used to be afraid of me because of the people I used to hang out with and the things I used to do.”

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How he became Chicken

Acting, Ntombela felt, saved his life. Suffocate (Mduduzi Mabaso) and Sabelo were terrorized by him on Rhythm City a year ago as an anonymous prison inmate (Ishmael Songo).

Nelson Ntombela
Where is Chicken from Rhythm City now?

He recently returned to the show, causing more havoc, and his character was given the name Chicken this time. Of which he explained he got for carrying a live chicken a on set. And, for wearing clothes with a chicken logo on.

Ntombela became an actor because after his mother died he had an epiphany to turn his life around. He started with an extras role however things only got better until he got the role of Chicken on Rhythm City which was first role yet.

Where is he now?

Well, Since Rhythm City came to an end; most actors looked for jobs elsewhere. And, so was the case for Nelson Ntombela. He got a role on the South African tv series The Queen where he played Skhali.

Well Recently on the 21st of October he shared a tweet snap with the following hashtag: #DiepCityMzansi. So, he’s probably busy with that now.

Nelson Ntombela from Rhythm City
Nelson Ntombela from Rhythm City

The snap only says “#DiepcityMzansi” which is hard to tell if he was only in Diep City; or, he’s filming with Diep City. We remain uncertain but we hope he got a role there, he’d probably kill whatever role they give him.

And, he’s been doing some charity work, he was at a giveaway in Makapanstad. At a primary school called Makapanstad Primary school. This was around May this year of this year.

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